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Modular Drill Design

Change any portion of your show at any point in the season! Top Box has developed a system where an opener, production number and closer drill can be varied create over 1,000 unique field shows!
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Complete Drill Design

Dynamic, Full-length Conceptual Shows, ready to teach! Complete Show Drills are designed to be used with JW Pepper's musical offerings. Set your program up to Take the Field, Ready for Success!
Dynamic Shows, Ready to Teach!


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Custom Drill Design
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varietyVariety of Form and Texture
Each piece of music offers numerous possibilities of line, form, texture and movement. Through the careful planning and execution of each set and transition, the drill takes on a visual personality that is matched with the goals and needs of your program.

music-firstMusic Comes First
Placement of instruments within the drill can either enhance or detract from the overall ensemble sound. With foresight and proper staging your band will be set for optimum musical performance.

integrationField Integration
It takes experience to connect dots and make transitional movement smooth, logical and meaningful. Dynamic integration of winds, color guard and percussion takes planning and careful coordination to yield a synergistic relationship of all field elements.

guaranteeCustom Drill Guarantee
George's designs are unique in visual interpretation of music and theme. The design will highlight your bands strengths as well as minimize its weaknesses. Your drill is designed for your program and no other - guaranteed!

Dynamic, professional drill written by an experienced designer.

PRODUCTYour band deserves the best possible foundation to begin building upon. With over twenty-five years experience designing for and educating marching bands and drum and bugle corps, George is known for challenging students to a high level of excellence using smart design that is fun to learn, easy to clean, and exhilarating to perform. As a designer/arranger for Warner Bros. Music Publications and an independent consultant, George has created award-winning shows as well as adjudicated for bands of all sizes and styles.


Integrated, engaging design,
tailored to your band's strengths.

George's breadth of experience and holistic approach to your show's design covers more than just dots on paper. Expect a comprehensive package that integrates music, instrumentation and message, as well as consideration for your program's unique strengths (and challenges) into a custom show design that is sure to engage both your students and judges alike.

Free your schedule to spend time working with students and teaching music. Best of all, relax and enjoy a portion of your summer and know that your complete show will be ready to go before band camp.

"As an accomplished musician as well as a extremely talented drill designer, George Blakely has a keen sense for seamlessly integrating movement with music for the best visual and musical effect possible."

larry-clarkLarry Clark
Founder & President
Excelcia Music Publishing

"George creates drill that is accessible to students, pleasing to audiences, and praised by adjudicators. One of the finest I’ve ever worked with!"

tom-mummaTom Mumma
Director of Bands
School District of Lancaster